What do I need to know as we come to the new moon? (11/30/21)

Ace of Wands, 10 of Cups, The Empress- The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

Your spark is lit, the muse of creativity has come, maybe not how you expected or assumed but take the vehicle provided and go. You’ll thank yourself later. That unexpected vehicle is an opportunity for joy, for happiness, for contentment in one’s path. That unexpected spark is a way forward for fruitfulness and abundance. To grow something meaningful for you, to nurture it and watch it become so much bigger than you. All because you said well that’s not how I wanted, thought or planned for it to show up but F it; here I go taking the chance. Leaping from the edge to a better me and place and space. Here I go, you can come too but don’t expect me to stop my roll for you.


What is the energy for this week during this time of gathering? (Week of 11/21/21)

The Emperor, Queen of Wands and Ace of Swords from The Light Seer’s Tarot Deck by Chris-Anne

Okay Ya’ll, Structure, Creativity/Fire and Thoughts are going to collide this week. Be mindful of back and forth struggles between opposites…creativity/fire is going to bump heads with structure and hierarchy. Creativity/fire will battle thoughts as you may want to do all the things. Prioritize the fire, use your thoughts to decide which projects to tackle first. You may feel like flipping the table on the structure and hierarchies in favor of the fire, of creativity, but allow your thoughts to temper those urges. Allow the fire to identify the structures you seek to change and be thoughtful in the steps you take to make those desired changes.

Over all this week is going to feel like you are going from one extreme to another. Use your thoughts to find the middle ground and not allow either extreme to rage.


Soul Searching

The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne 4 of Swords, The Hermit, The Chariot

I used the following prompt: Doing some soul searching? Find the Hermit. The cards around him/her/they will shed some light on your introspection.

The cards around my Hermit were the 4 of Swords and the Chariot. You’ve rested so long, hiding from the world that you’ve become part of your nest, entangled with it. If you remain any longer you’ll be stuck in a pattern of being and unable to move forward without great difficulty. It was meant to be a rest, a regathering, not a full stop. You made it a full stop and its time to reengage before you forget how and miss out on the wonders of this universe.


What’s the Energy of the Week (10/31/2021)?

5 of Cups, King of Swords, 6 of Cups The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chirs-Anne

Overall message is one of thoughts and emotions. Mourning what was lost rather than being grateful what remains. Letting the mourning suck part of you away before getting control of your emotions by getting a handle on your thoughts. Using your thoughts to examine and review more logically what you are mourning the lose of, moving into the space of being able to look on that thing not necessarily as a lose to be mourned but a logical progression on your path. In time it may be looked on through the eyes of nostalgia or from a place of new understanding and wisdom. What can you be grateful for as you navigate this change, this lose, this time of potential mourning? Can you be more mindful of your thoughts and focus on those that will help you move forward? Can you imagine how you will feel and what you will think when you look back on this time in 5 years? What actions can you take now to start moving toward that version of you?


What energy surrounds me this week (Oct 25, 2021)?

The Light Seer’s Tarot Deck by Chris-Anne: King of Swords, Knight of Pentacles, 3 of Swords, Queen of Swords

My thoughts dominate my energy this week, there’s a sub-focus on possessions, having/losing/amassing more that can bring heartache if I get too obsessed by things and the having of things. There is an overall need to be mindful of my thoughts, where my thoughts lie my energy lies and where my energy lies is what I receive back from the Universe. Balanced, careful thoughts are a must, don’t swing too far into the land of emotions and don’t swing too far into cold logic. Find the balance between logic and feelings, between the overly negative and the overly positive. Be mindful of my urge to secure goods for comfort losing my balance in this area will bring about money woes. Overall, be mindful of my thoughts, energy and actions this week, striving for balance amongst all three.


What’s the Energy for the Week (Oct 11, 2021)?

The Universal Tarot-Lo Scarabeo II The High Priestess, 8 of Pentacles, 8 of Swords

That moment when you do a pull and think ugh I don’t like this pull but you resist the urge to do a new one and sit with the cards instead.

What’s hidden that needs to be worked on to unbind you? What thoughts lurk in your subconscious that need to be examined to understand how they were crafted in order to undo that which binds you? Where are you seeking the answers you need about the work you many need to do on yourself? What work do I need to do on myself to free me? All the craft, time and patience will mean nothing if I am unwilling to examine my shadows for the purpose of growth and freedom. Freedom of mind, body and spirit.

I wanted to do a new pull because basically this week’s energy centers on working on myself, examining my shadows and attempting (or beginning depending on the shadow) to move to a a healthier place. I waned a new pull cause I didn’t want to be told I had work to do this week and I didn’t want to feel whatever feelings that work brings up. Ultimately, knowing that taking the time to do the work is good for me and those I love, doesn’t mean I won’t drag my feet 🙂 Knuckle down and examine your shadows this week, acknowledge they exist and start working through them. It’ll be hard, it may be painful but you’ll be so much freer when you do.


New Moon Lunar Cycle Energy (10/6/21 New Moon)

I had every indication before doing this pull that this lunar cycle was going to be all about the feels, navigating careful and at points having to buckle up buttercup- I will say the cards did not disappoint.

Top Row Deck: This Might Hurt Tarot Deck by Isabella Rotman-

5 of Swords, Page of Pentacles, Four of Swords

Bottom Row Deck: ViceVersa Tarot by Scarabo, Filadora, Weatherstone and Corsi-

XVII The Star

Conflicts verbal and emotional with no clear winners, just discontent feelings all around. However, examination of self leads to information, expansion of self and understanding that allows us to lay down the discord, the discontent and rest easy in letting it go.

We can sometimes be our own worst energy with our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Take care in the stories you tell yourself about you and the stories you tell yourself about others. They can lead to an internal landscape built on strife rather than hope and joy. This month be mindful of the stories you spin, examine them for truth, acknowledge what needs acknowledging and let go what needs to be let go. Strive for internal peace and joy for yourself and in your interactions with others.

Over all energy for the month- Hope- We’ll see what we need to see in the stories we tell about our selves and others. We’ll balance what needs to be balance with our emotions and any potential strife that may occur. We will manage all messages and emotions that are uncovered to our benefit.

Chakra Associations: 5 of Swords- green to yellow = heart to solar plexus; Page of Pentacles- yellow= solar plexus; 4 of swords- violet green to green = crown to heart; XVII- deep blue/indigo = 3rd eye

Feelings of discontent around how something was handled ➡️ moves into your being and agitates sense of self ➡️ examine sense of self, expand to new ways of being, incorporate new way of being into spirit ➡️ embrace and reflect new ways of being out ➡️ communicate with self, others and the universe from place of new expansion


What’s the Energy for the Week of Sept 26th, 2021

Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

10 of Wands, Queen of Pentacles, The Magician

Ever had a card pull that makes you a little shoulder shimmy with a mmmm sound? This one did that for me. The energy this week is yummy y’all. There’s hard work, quite a bit, but we feel so expansive and in our own power that we don’t mind. Embrace the shoulder shimmy yumminess this week, do the work to set plans in motions, step on your path and see where the adventure takes you. What are you doing for you this week? How are you living in your power?


What’s the Energy Around this Full Moon 9/20/2021

Universal Tarot 9/20/2021 Full Moon Card Pull

Card Pull: 2 of Swords, 7 of Wands, and 7 of Swords

What are we not seeing in our everyday life or our emotions? What is being hidden from us that needs to be illuminated by the light of this full moon? Illuminating what is hidden will give us a new persecutive, an ability to see our way forward, picking our path from the vantage point of the high ground. This perspective will also better allow us to defend ourselves should the need arise as we walk through what needs to be brought to light. If we don’t seize the opportunity to bring things to light and set them to rights, we’ll continue to hide and not thrive, struck in a rut of our own making. The rut of hiding ourselves, our thoughts and feelings until nothing is left but a shadow of who we were. What small thing can you do today to move from your rut? What small thing could you do today to change your perspective about your path and move yourself forward? Moving forward is scary but you won’t know what wonders await if you don’t try. The magic lives in the doing, interwoven in the everyday.


Mind, Body, Spirit Pull for the Week of Sept. 12, 2021

Mind, Body, Spirit Pull 9/12/21

What are the energies this week around mind, body, and spirit?

Using The Light Seer’s Tarot

Mind= 5 of Swords, Body = 5 of Pentacles, Spirit= The Magician

Mind A conflict of some sort could be present that you could win but at what cost to you and/or to those you are battling against? Is it wort it it to win or can you resolve it a better way. Take time to think through your response. You’ll like yourself for it if you do. Keep in mind you could be in conflict with yourself. And if so, where can you give yourself grace?

Body– You’re depleted, tired, possibly overwhelmed but you have the key to getting back on track You have to decide if you’re going to take the steps needed to bring things back into balance for you. What small thing can you do this week to start to restore your balance? To recharge your battery?

SpiritYou have all you need within you to grow and continue on this wondrous journey of expansion. Let your higher self guide the direction of your growth. What direction has your higher self been nudging you?

What is the overall energy for the week?

Using EarthCraft Oracle

Transform with Raven- Ravens are the symbol of transcendence and a need for a new perspective. You have more available to you resource wise than you know. You may have to view it from another angels in order to see the possibilities or help available to you from others. Where could a shift in perspective help you move forward?