New Moon Lunar Cycle Energy (10/6/21 New Moon)

I had every indication before doing this pull that this lunar cycle was going to be all about the feels, navigating careful and at points having to buckle up buttercup- I will say the cards did not disappoint.

Top Row Deck: This Might Hurt Tarot Deck by Isabella Rotman-

5 of Swords, Page of Pentacles, Four of Swords

Bottom Row Deck: ViceVersa Tarot by Scarabo, Filadora, Weatherstone and Corsi-

XVII The Star

Conflicts verbal and emotional with no clear winners, just discontent feelings all around. However, examination of self leads to information, expansion of self and understanding that allows us to lay down the discord, the discontent and rest easy in letting it go.

We can sometimes be our own worst energy with our thoughts and feelings about ourselves. Take care in the stories you tell yourself about you and the stories you tell yourself about others. They can lead to an internal landscape built on strife rather than hope and joy. This month be mindful of the stories you spin, examine them for truth, acknowledge what needs acknowledging and let go what needs to be let go. Strive for internal peace and joy for yourself and in your interactions with others.

Over all energy for the month- Hope- We’ll see what we need to see in the stories we tell about our selves and others. We’ll balance what needs to be balance with our emotions and any potential strife that may occur. We will manage all messages and emotions that are uncovered to our benefit.

Chakra Associations: 5 of Swords- green to yellow = heart to solar plexus; Page of Pentacles- yellow= solar plexus; 4 of swords- violet green to green = crown to heart; XVII- deep blue/indigo = 3rd eye

Feelings of discontent around how something was handled ➡️ moves into your being and agitates sense of self ➡️ examine sense of self, expand to new ways of being, incorporate new way of being into spirit ➡️ embrace and reflect new ways of being out ➡️ communicate with self, others and the universe from place of new expansion

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