Mind, Body, Spirit Pull for the Week of Sept. 12, 2021

Mind, Body, Spirit Pull 9/12/21

What are the energies this week around mind, body, and spirit?

Using The Light Seer’s Tarot

Mind= 5 of Swords, Body = 5 of Pentacles, Spirit= The Magician

Mind A conflict of some sort could be present that you could win but at what cost to you and/or to those you are battling against? Is it wort it it to win or can you resolve it a better way. Take time to think through your response. You’ll like yourself for it if you do. Keep in mind you could be in conflict with yourself. And if so, where can you give yourself grace?

Body– You’re depleted, tired, possibly overwhelmed but you have the key to getting back on track You have to decide if you’re going to take the steps needed to bring things back into balance for you. What small thing can you do this week to start to restore your balance? To recharge your battery?

SpiritYou have all you need within you to grow and continue on this wondrous journey of expansion. Let your higher self guide the direction of your growth. What direction has your higher self been nudging you?

What is the overall energy for the week?

Using EarthCraft Oracle

Transform with Raven- Ravens are the symbol of transcendence and a need for a new perspective. You have more available to you resource wise than you know. You may have to view it from another angels in order to see the possibilities or help available to you from others. Where could a shift in perspective help you move forward?


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