Tarot Coaching

What is a Tarot Coach?

A guide who uses tarot cards to empower others on the journey of self-discovery, uncovering their own inner knowing.

How do you use Tarot Cards to do that?

As a Coaching Tool. In each Tarot Coaching session you can expect to examine a small piece of the big whole, set an intention around that small piece, and use Tarot to access your higher self to understand your intention and that smaller piece. Finally, you will develop an action step based on what you have uncovered to move forward.

Why use Tarot Cards to Coach?

Because it helps to meld information from your higher self and your logical self to get you moving forward again.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule a session pathfinder@msmidknight.com

Tarot Workshops: The Majors, The Minors and The Court Cards

The Self Contract- You actively select the major arcana card(s) you want to work with, who’s energy or traits you’d like to embody.

Shadow Manifest- You either actively select or intuitively select cards from the Major Arcana to illuminate a shadowy aspect of your life that you want to work with/on right now.

Major Arcana Circle- Allows you to see the interplay of big life events with the everyday and examine those relationships.

Missing Majors- Shows you where you are in your “Fool’s Journey”, what you might be missing and what that tells you about your story.

Minor Arcana Story- Use all the suits to tell the story of your situation right now.

Forecasting with the Minor Arcana- Allows you to look inward and see how a journey could play out for you.

Backward Insight- Using a minor suit working backwards to examine your journey and anticipate the obstacles, blocks and opposition along the way of your forward progression.

Understanding Your Energies- Helps you explore where you are light and where you are heavy energetically, where you might want to bring more energy in or release some energy where you are heavy.

Exploring Attachment- A good tool for when you are feeling stuck in hierarchal systems or stuck in systems that don’t seem to function in a way you desire.

Who Are You- A great tool to explore self and see how you embrace the traits and energies of the Court Cards. This workshop can work in tandem with the Understanding Your Energies workshop.

Please contact me if you have questions or would like to schedule a session pathfinder@msmidknight.com