Magical Musings

What would the Universe like to tell me? (11/24/21)

Strength- Universal Tarot by Lo Scarabeo

As I started shuffling the cards today the Strength card fell out. Be strong but gentle, forceful but kind. Stand in love, compassion and gentleness— this is strength. Strength for self and strength for others. Be the source they can come to, the sounding board that hears and sees with a lens of compassion, of care. Try to hear the hurts, the wounds underneath the words and actions. Try to see the little boy or girl who is acting out from those long received wounds. Speak, communicate and be with that person, with those little boy or girl wounds in mind. How you treat them may be the catalyst they need to start healing those wounds. It may be the catalyst you need to start healing yours. Tread lightly, your strength is in kindness.