What’s the Energy Around this Full Moon 9/20/2021

Universal Tarot 9/20/2021 Full Moon Card Pull

Card Pull: 2 of Swords, 7 of Wands, and 7 of Swords

What are we not seeing in our everyday life or our emotions? What is being hidden from us that needs to be illuminated by the light of this full moon? Illuminating what is hidden will give us a new persecutive, an ability to see our way forward, picking our path from the vantage point of the high ground. This perspective will also better allow us to defend ourselves should the need arise as we walk through what needs to be brought to light. If we don’t seize the opportunity to bring things to light and set them to rights, we’ll continue to hide and not thrive, struck in a rut of our own making. The rut of hiding ourselves, our thoughts and feelings until nothing is left but a shadow of who we were. What small thing can you do today to move from your rut? What small thing could you do today to change your perspective about your path and move yourself forward? Moving forward is scary but you won’t know what wonders await if you don’t try. The magic lives in the doing, interwoven in the everyday.

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