What’s the Energy for the Week (Oct 11, 2021)?

The Universal Tarot-Lo Scarabeo II The High Priestess, 8 of Pentacles, 8 of Swords

That moment when you do a pull and think ugh I don’t like this pull but you resist the urge to do a new one and sit with the cards instead.

What’s hidden that needs to be worked on to unbind you? What thoughts lurk in your subconscious that need to be examined to understand how they were crafted in order to undo that which binds you? Where are you seeking the answers you need about the work you many need to do on yourself? What work do I need to do on myself to free me? All the craft, time and patience will mean nothing if I am unwilling to examine my shadows for the purpose of growth and freedom. Freedom of mind, body and spirit.

I wanted to do a new pull because basically this week’s energy centers on working on myself, examining my shadows and attempting (or beginning depending on the shadow) to move to a a healthier place. I waned a new pull cause I didn’t want to be told I had work to do this week and I didn’t want to feel whatever feelings that work brings up. Ultimately, knowing that taking the time to do the work is good for me and those I love, doesn’t mean I won’t drag my feet 🙂 Knuckle down and examine your shadows this week, acknowledge they exist and start working through them. It’ll be hard, it may be painful but you’ll be so much freer when you do.

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