What’s the Energy of the Week (10/31/2021)?

5 of Cups, King of Swords, 6 of Cups The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chirs-Anne

Overall message is one of thoughts and emotions. Mourning what was lost rather than being grateful what remains. Letting the mourning suck part of you away before getting control of your emotions by getting a handle on your thoughts. Using your thoughts to examine and review more logically what you are mourning the lose of, moving into the space of being able to look on that thing not necessarily as a lose to be mourned but a logical progression on your path. In time it may be looked on through the eyes of nostalgia or from a place of new understanding and wisdom. What can you be grateful for as you navigate this change, this lose, this time of potential mourning? Can you be more mindful of your thoughts and focus on those that will help you move forward? Can you imagine how you will feel and what you will think when you look back on this time in 5 years? What actions can you take now to start moving toward that version of you?

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