Magical Musings

Who am I Today? (Sept. 22, 2021)

9/22/2021 Pull using The Light Seer’s Tarot

Who am I today? 5 of Pentacles (Ugh, seriously, again?) Okay why am I not learning, realizing, acknowledging? that I keep pulling this card? To me the card today means I have the key to unlock the door to my next phase (I mean its sitting right there), I just need to do it.

Okay Universe How do I do it? The Lovers Right, I need to commit and find the right partnerships but mostly I need to commit to the way of life I’ve chosen and moving to the next phase.

Say I commit what will my results be? 6 of Swords So I’ll actually move to where I want to be (let me put on my surprise face, not). Out of the rough waters to the shore, from a level of insecurity to a level of security for me and my loves ones (SideNote: if I’m good my fam is good, if I’m not good my fam isn’t good). Getting myself in right position has positive ripple effects for everyone on my household.

How will I feel about the results? Ace of Pentacles I’ll feel like I’ve found my thing, my groove. There will be excitement, joy, a measure of prosperity and abundance. (SideNote: Abundance isn’t just about money).