Magical Musings

Lunar Intentions

I’ve been thinking about intention setting around the lunar cycle and exploring what this would mean for me as I learn this new way of being. This is what I’ve come up with thus far, maybe it will help you as well.

Lunar goals are how you want to feel while accomplishing your solar goals. Lunar =feelings and solar= accomplishments

Lunar goals/intentions are the big picture goal/feelings, the overarching theme for how you want to feel in your life

Your solar goals are the steps you take to bring those feelings into reality. The tweaks and changes you make to your every day to bring you closer to that big lunar goal feeling. 

You use the cycles of the moon to focus on aspects of your lunar goal/feeling and by focusing on those aspects through the cycle you better understand how to pursue the solar goal and the steps needed to bring both into fruition.

There is a dance between the lunar and the solar. If you focus on only one partner’s steps the dance is not as successful. Both partner’s steps require focus and attention, sometimes at the same time, sometimes independently. That interplay however comes together as one beautiful dance. Just as the steps of the partner’s dance are interwoven so are your lunar and solar goals. One can exist without the other but as in dance much beauty is found when they move together.