Magical Musings

Three Questions (11/3/2021)

The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne and The Healing Oracle Crystal Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman

The three questions I asked myself today were:

What is not serving me? 10 of wands;

How do I let go? Queen of Cups;

What is the possible result if I take the path suggested? Ace of Cups

Oracle card– Answer summation? Brazilianite Flexibility

I’m trying to do too much, too many things, ideas, directions all at once. I like all the many things I’m trying to do and that’s part of the problem, I need to prioritize (put something down) so I can move with ease. I’m going to have to examine, yes again, something to examine, pick apart to figure out what are my priorities right now. Which wand scan I get to later or never cause I may feel completely different about some of these wands once I put them down. I may realize I should have put them down long ago because they were hindering my forward progress. I will also need to take a close look at the emotions attached to the wands as I’m deciding which to keep and which to let go. And of the left go ones will they be let go in the short term or the long term? And how does that feel as well? If I decide to go through the process of examination and left go good/light emotions and possibilities/opportunities open up for me to better utilize the wands I’ve decided to keep. I’m able to move freer with more ease because I’ll no longer be weighed down by things I thought I wanted but weren’t actually serving me.

The Oracle Card I pulled made me laugh because I will need flexibility to achieve the desired outcome. I’ve been stubbornly collecting these wands, getting more and more bogged down rather than seeing that I have the flexibility to pick them up AND put them down. I’m trying to be all the things and that leaves no space for magick or divine timing. My allowing flexibility in gives me the space to prioritize my wands and re-prioritize as needed. Flexibility also opens the door for better decisions, inner peace, magick and that delicious divine timing to occur, for more ease in my day to day.

Let me go prioritize these wands, see how I feel about them and figure out which ones are making the top 5 this month.